R&D development

HMS Group is continuously strengthening its research and development capabilities, with the Company`s strategy being aimed at establishing the best Research & Development in Russia and CIS countries. Our investments are dedicated to strengthening our core competencies in industrial pumps, oil and gas equipment and compressor technologies, as well as in developing solutions for the oil and gas industry and water utilities.


Localisation Project

In 2016, HMS deepened the process of localising heavy pumps and pumping equipment, extending the lines of pumps produced at HMS Livgidromash. The company completed the first stage in Q1 2016. Within the framework of this project, HMS constructed a new production unit and a new transformer substation. The newly built test complex has become the only one of its kind in Russia, enabling testing of pumping units installed at the oil pipelines of Transneft and Rosatom’s nuclear power plants. It consists of all the main and support systems needed to conduct operational testing of heavy centrifugal pumping units.

Within the second stage of the project, a manufacturing building is to be constructed, which will be equipped with modern high-performance equipment. Additional manufacturing capacities and the multifunctional test complex will maintain HMS Group’s leading position and will cover customer requirements for high-tech pumps in the long term.

The project is being supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Orlov region and the Fund of Industry Development of the Russian Federation. HMS Group plans to complete the project by the end of 2017.

Nasosenergomash continues the differentiation of foundry materials created that are used for pump production. Manufacturing with post-heat treatment was development for the following alloy steels: 1.1138 SEW 685, 1.4107 EN 10213, 1.4317 EN 10213, and others. New steel grades have high rates of resistance to corrosion and cavitation and are thus intended for operation in aggressive environments.

In 2016, we continued to expand our pump products lines with new API pump models. We started to introduce to the market a new line of overhung water pumps (Kordis), launched a new family of pumps for oil refining (2NK, 2NPS), developed and started production of advanced pumps for oil transport (upgraded main line NM and new vertical NMV pumps). We also significantly upgraded our lines of pumps for power generation (PE feed pump and KsV condensate removal pumps) and launched an advanced model of slurry pumps for mining industry (HDP). 2NK series API 610 ОН2 pumps are the main processing pumps in petrochemicals and gas refining. They are also widely used in heavy duty industries like petroleum, petrochemical, energy, etc. The new pump line is available in a wide spectrum of construction and numerous design alternatives to meet all demand. It took more than 3 years of intensive work to develop and set up the production.

New D series pumping units based on double-suction centrifugal pumps are characterized by improved service reliability and easy maintenance. Pumps are completed with ADCHR series induction motors made by RUSELPROM.

A new generation of the double-suction pumps, DeLium series, are developed with computer modelling and meet up-to-date requirements for high efficiency, long service life and reliability. Extensive model range and using at least two interchangeable impellers for one casing allows the selection of the most suitable pump within 80-3500 m3/h capacity range and 5-180 m head range. In addition, the impellers could be manufactured in accordance with specific customer requirements. Pump’s curves are adopted for parallel operation and operation with variable speed drives. Various versions of pumps are available for operation in the regions within -60 to +60°С temperature range.

Oil & Gas Equipment

Binary Mixtures

In 2016, Sibneftemash begun the realisation of a project aimed at developing a technology and equipment complex for thermo-chemical, oil-and-gas-bearing formation treatment with the aim of increasing hydrocarbon production and restoring the ecological environment on oil & gas fields, instead of using the foreign technology of proppant-gel fracturing. The project is being carried out in cooperation with Tyumen State University and the Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Currently, the composition of binary mixtures’ components, stabilizers, initiators and the degradation of binary mixture activators in reservoirs, as well as their energy characteristics and mixture preparation procedure, have been optimised. The Company has produced prototypes of units for the preparation, mixing and injection of mixtures into reservoirs. HMS has applied for two patents: one for a mixing pump and one for a unit for the production and injection of binary mixture in reservoirs.

Nitrogen Generator

HMS produced a prototype for a membrane nitrogen generator and completed its element-by-element set up (the heater, the pneumatic valve, the flow controller, and the gas analyser).

Plate Heat Exchangers

In 2016, HMS Neftemash began the realisation of a project for the development and production of plate heat exchangers for Russia’s petrochemical facilities. Under this project, HMS set up production of gasketed plate exchangers for oil and gas, in cooperation with G.A.M. Heat (Germany) and Euro Heat (Serbia).


Centrifugal Compressor Units

HMS Group has developed and produced a centrifugal compressor unit with a parallel arrangement of pressure cases that is unrivalled throughout the world. The 53GTs2-188/10-87 GTU unit will be put into operation at a boosting compressor station of NOVATEK’s Yurkharovskoe field. The realised plan, with parallel cases of low- and high- pressure, enables the effective transportation and processing of natural oil and gas within a wide range of gas composition, flow rate and pressure.

Modular Compressor Unit TAKAT 78.2-7 M3a HL1

HMS developed a modular compressor unit (MCU) based on an oil-flooded screw compressor in order to operate in a technology of distributed compression on GAZPROM’s Yamburgskoe oil & gas condensate field. MCU TAKAT is composed of domestic components and consists of two container modules (compressor and separation) with an electrical module, a control module and a reserve generator that serves as a back-up system.

Legal Protection of Intellectual Property

The Group’s current operating portfolio includes 246 patents, 46 registered trademarks and 26 registered computer programmes, reflecting our commitment to research & development.

In 2016, the HMS Group continues the complex protection of exclusive rights to its products and the individualisation of produced goods and services that are provided with the purpose to acquire the right of exclusive use in the market. The company has received exclusive rights on 20 intellectual property assets: 16 invention and utility model patents, 1 registration of application software, and 3 trademark registrations.

These patented technologies are intended to enhance the work of:

  • Centrifugal pumps and compressors, and their separate units and parts,
  • Gas separators,
  • Compressor oil preheating systems,

as well as the improvement of the conditioning process of an oil-gas-water blend for transport, and the design of new products for thermo-chemical, oil-and-gas-bearing formation treatment.

The stable annual dynamics for the registration of exclusive rights are related to HMS’ policy of discovery and the necessary provision of legal protection to the high-tech results of its intellectual activity.

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