Corporate social responsibility

HMS Group fully recognises its responsibility to all of its stakeholders and makes an effort to communicate with them on a regular basis. The Group maintains an enduring and solid record of commitment to its people, contributing to social development and improvements in the quality of life across the local communities in the regions of its operation.


As an employer of over 15,000 people and being one of the major job creators across cities where the facilities are located, we carry enormous responsibilities for the people affected by our operations. We believe that employees are one of the core assets of HMS Group, and therefore, we can only be successful and sustainable through the attraction and retention of the best people, and by encouraging and developing them to achieve their full potential.

In 2016, we continued our staff training and education, focusing mainly on the areas of accounting and functional education, including the development of managerial competencies for the company’s officers (with MBA/EMBA programs), as well as English language instruction.

HMS conducts systematic actions that address accident prevention and the creation of healthy and safe working conditions. Safety is one of our top priorities and the company is improving its health and safety standards on a regular basis. This includes courses and trainings on occupational safety, fire and the environment, which are held at all production sites throughout the year. We also hold regular, routine medical check-ups for employees working in hazardous production areas.

HMS’ branches issue free personal protective equipment, including work clothes, safety shoes and other personal safety apparel. The company analyses the given personal safety apparel on a regular basis, as well as examining novelty products.

We promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle, not only because it helps to maintain a productive and positive workplace, but also because it is the right thing to do.

In February 2017, one of HMS’ employees, Nikolai Kuzovlev, successfully participated in the 2016-2017 Ice Climbing season, winning 8 medals. The last one was the bronze medal in the 2017 Ice Climbing World Championship.

The average headcount decreased mainly because of restructuring in the EPC Business Unit.

The Environment

The efficient use of natural resources is one of HMS Group’s main priorities. The Group systematically implements environmental and energy-saving technologies at its production sites, in spite of the fact that the environmental impact of HMS Group’s subsidiaries is generally low.

Not only do we continue to work on developing and selling an energy-efficient product and service solutions, but we also focus all of our businesses on the efficient consumption of fuel, paper, water, electricity and heating.

The HMS Group conducts activities on a regular basis to offset its impact on the environment, including waste management, the analysis and control of water quality on industrial sites, compliance with environmental emissions, and the monitoring of the industrial environment.


HMS’ charity initiatives are aimed at improving the social climate in regions where the company operates. The creation of jobs and business opportunities also strengthen local economies and provide support for the development of community projects.

HMS Group focuses at helping children who are in need of medical treatment, as well as children in need of social and professional assistance, of which these projects are realised through:

  • Social support and protection of citizens, including improvement of the financial position of the indigenous peoples, social assistance to the unemployed, the disabled and other disadvantaged groups who, due to their specific physical or intellectual condition or other circumstances, are unable to implement their legitimate rights and interests by themselves;
  • Promoting the prestige and the role of the family in society;
  • Promoting the protection of motherhood, fatherhood and childhood.
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